Sanctuary of Saint John Paul the Great Office

Open everyday: 7:30A.M to 07:00P.M.


Sanctuary of Saint John Paul the Great
32 Totus Tuus Street
30-610 Cracow

+48 12 257 53 15
+48 513 425 060


Administering sacraments, intention of the Holy Mass and requests

Administrative issues related to the sanctuary

For tours and organization of stay at the Center, Sanctuary and Museum

Car Park

The St. John Paul II Centre “Don’t be afraid!” in Cracow has an extensive base of car parks situated in the close vicinity to the facilities.

There is a special zone for coaches in the car park. The entrance is from the Kurdwanów housing estate, along the new, two-lane road at Totus Tuus Street, across the new bridge over the Wilga River.


The building with a dozen toilets is situated opposite the coach car park and the Municipal Transport Company (MPK) stop, at the intersection of the bridge over the Wilga River and the cobblestone avenue.


  1. By municipal transport:

Directly to the John Paul II Centre “Do not be afraid!”:

  • MPK bus line no. 135 running on the route Golkowice – John Paul II Centre – Łagiewniki (selected courses pass through the terminal at the Centre);
  • MPK bus line no. 224 running on the route Wieliczka – John Paul II Centre;
  • trams no: 8, 19, 22, to the Borek Fałęcki II stop and then on foot (10 minutes) going towards the footbridge at the “Kraków Sanktuarium” railway stop
  • trams no. 10 and 19 to the Łagiewniki terminal and then by bus no. 135 directly to the John Paul II Centre;
  • by tram no. 50 to the Kurdwanów terminal and then by bus no. 135 or 224 directly to the John Paul II Centre;
  1. From the Sanctuary of Divine Mercy: on foot (approx. 20 min.) across the Bridge of Mercy and the park leading to the John Paul II Centre “Do not be afraid!”.

NOTE: The Bridge of Mercy connecting the papal Sanctuary in the “White Seas” with the Sanctuary of Divine Mercy in Łagiewniki will not be accessible to pedestrians until the third quarter of 2021. Within this period, you can get to our Sanctuary on foot from Totus Tuus Street, Józef Marcik Strret or from the side of the Zakopianka Shopping Park.

  1. By train:

To the Kraków – Sanktuarium stop.

  1. By car:

Directly to the car park at the Sanctuary of St. John Paul II

  • access via Herbert Street and Totus Tuus Street (from the side of the Kurdwanów housing estate and from the A4 motorway) and Jugowicka Street and Marcik Street (from the side of Zakopiańska Street).
  • GPS coordinates: 50.01352379999999, 19.936559200000033